Why We Created Financial Flock


Go back to New Year’s Eve – you’re with your family and friends talking about all the aspirations and goals everyone has for the new year. How many times have you heard of someone’s goal having to do with his/her personal finances? Possibly a few. Have you ever set a personal finance goal yourself? Maybe that’s why you’re here! But how many of these goals have you actually heard being achieved? When we asked our friends and families …crickets…

Why is that? We heard a wide range of complaints that put them on a path to disillusionment –

“Searching online led me down a rabbit hole and I got nothing out of it.”

“I worked with a terrible financial planner that didn’t provide any meaningful advice and just tried selling me stuff I didn’t want.”

“Other life events came up and I didn’t have enough time to focus on it anymore.”

“none of your business, stop bothering me.”

With Financial Flock, we wanted to change the perspectives about setting financial goals from “well this was a waste of time” to “well that was easy, maybe I should’ve set a bigger goal.” We built this platform to only bring in experienced Fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ who don’t try to sell you anything and look out for your best interest. Plus, with a few pieces of information about you, we connect you with only the financial planners that would be the best fit for you, so that all you need to do is set up introductory meetings with as many financial planners as you’d like until you find the right person. Did I mention it’s completely free?

We hope with our tool, we can help you on your journey towards financial success, and maybe even tick off that pesky New Year’s resolution of yours 😉

-The Financial Flock Team