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Financial Flock provides a free and easy way for Fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ to directly reach out to you. Don't get stuck fishing for generic answers online. Discuss with the experts to get real insights that help you with your specific financial goals!

How it works:


Post a question

Upload any question with some background context to best highlight your unique situation. We'll send your post to all our financial planners to offer you the best possible matches.

Choose your financial planner

Within 1 week, we'll provide up to 3 financial planners that would love to help you. Select one of the financial planners and schedule a time to chat with him/her/hir.

Have a chat

This is the fun part! Ask away as many questions you have for your financial planner to provide as much info as possible. Use this time to evaluate how well you work with him/her/hir.

Like the experience?

If yes, become the financial planner’s client to gain further benefits. If no, try working with someone new. Every first meeting is free so that we ensure you find the right match!
Only talk to Fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ who have your best interests in mind.

Why is working with a Fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ so important?

  • Fee-only means that these financial planners have no outside monetary incentives (such as selling a certain product for commissions), and have a fiduciary responsibility to solely act in their client's best interests.
  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, or CFP®, is a certification earned by financial planners that have (1) a minimum of 3 years of financial planning experience, (2) a least a bachelor's degree, and (3) passed the CFP® exam and adheres to the ethical standards set by the CFP® board.
The financial planners should be reaching out to you, not the other way around.

Based on their prior client experiences, target client demographic, and availability, our CFPs® reach out to customers they know they can help immediately. Finding a great financial planner on your own can be tricky and can bring about a case of "analysis paralysis." We help you get the quality assistance you need by taking out the legwork.

Work with different financial planners until you find the right one for you.

Too many people toss away the value of having a great CFP® if their first experience was a bad one. If you didn’t connect well with the financial planner you talked to, we encourage you to try chatting with a different expert, at no cost to you. Only until after you find a financial planner that meets your needs do we encourage you to become a client. As your financial goals evolve and encounter challenges over your lifetime, having a dedicated financial planner can advise you to succeed throughout your journey!

Have questions? Email us at hello@financialflock.com!

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